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Tyrell Heaton

For President 2020


I believe money should be left out of politics.  It shouldn't be about who can raise the most money, charging thousands of dollars per plate at a fundraising dinner or begging donors for money that ultimately is a down-payment for partisan support.  I am running a campaign where I will not directly accept money from any one, thus I can focus my time and energy on the issues rather than pandering to deep-pocketed donors who ultimately want to buy political influence.


The partisan pendulum is swinging farther and farther from the center after each election cycle.  As a society we need to elect officials who represent us all, not just those at the top.  People who truly understand the differences among our diverse population and the needs each person face daily.   The United States is built upon the principles of acceptance of all people yet laws are predominantly established by and for the rich, white, Christian, straight male.   Now is the time… we need an evolution of political thought, a change in ideology that will keep money out of politics and put people in office who care about serving all of their constituents and not just a handful of donors who have their own interests in mind.


At a time when there is heightening division within our country, between our own citizens, neighbors, and even family - we need a voice to unify us and lead with compassion. The majority [of our current elected officials] do not work to unite us; most don't even work to represent us (the 99 percent).  I advocate for dialogue and compromise to end partisan extremism so we can move our country forward. 

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Who is Tyrell Heaton?

Ty grew up in rural South Dakota and recently moved from a diverse mid-sized city in North Carolina to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He has hands-on experience in all the areas you should care about:  Family, Education, Health Care, Public Safety & Law Enforcement, Environment, Military, Journalism (not fake news) and most importantly he has traveled through every state (your state) with a keen eye honed on local culture and landscape… from the underdeveloped urban areas to impoverished rural areas.  Additionally he has traveled to nearly 100 countries and understand how people truly live, what is important to people and what will ultimately make us as a society successful and happy.   He is a firm believer in academic and bi-partisan peer review of policy. While he has spent a decade of his life in Washington, D.C. he is a political outsider.  He will tirelessly work to provide the tools for every person living in the United States to live a happy and healthy life free of discrimination. 


Federal Election Commission ID: P00006254 





Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

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